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Following their 2020 Rebrand, Splice once again partnered with Instrument for their inaugural brand campaign titled “Start with Sound.” Our objective was twofold: reignite Splice’s connection with its existing user base and enhance brand awareness to resonate with a fresh wave of musicians.

Building on the 2020 rebrand, we aimed to develop a system that seamlessly continued our brand identity while also establishing a distinct look and feel for our latest campaign. By employing a carefully curated color palette, dynamic italicized type treatment emphasizing the concept of "start," and a diverse range of textural imagery that visually interpreted sound, we crafted a unique expression of our brand.

Our goal was to create a fresh, inclusive atmosphere characterized by energy, upliftment, and authenticity. Through a wide array of imagery representing various genres, skill levels, and influences, we sought to capture the diverse essence of music.

AGENCY Instrument
ROLE Art Direction, Design
YEAR 2023

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All work created with passion and intention.