Nick Frisone ︎


Ask More of AI

With the AI industry being driven by prioritization of speed
over all else, Salesforce needed to make their stance clear
by communicating their position as the trusted leader in AI.
Seeking a strategic partnership, Salesforce reached out to
us to develop and execute a compelling awareness
campaign. The aim: disrupt the existing pace of the AI
industry and show people that Salesforce is driven by a
clear set of values.

This ask started with a prompt, Ask more of AI, which
became the rally cry for our campaign and the launch point
for industry conversation.

To show up in our most provocative and bold way, we
leaned into the sides of the Salesforce brand that felt
the most expressive. Bold colors, oversized typography
and a simple design system tailor made to put our POV
on full display.

Leveraging Midjourney we generated compelling
imagery that sparked intrigue and brought a sense of
levity to the campaign. Testing an endless amount of
prompt configurations, we were able to hone in on a
style that felt like a seamless extension of the
Salesforce brand, while also forming the perfect
counterpart to our provocative messaging.

CLIENT Salesforce
ROLE Art Direction, Design, AI Image Generatio
YEAR 2023

All work created with passion and intention.